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Olive Oil: The perfect food

In the Mediterranean, olive oil is said to be a gift from the Gods. Today, all over the world, scientists have unraveled the mysteries associated with olive oil.

There are many studies which suggest that olive oil helps decrease instances of heart disease, cancer and high cholesterol (reduces the levels of LDL or “bad cholesterol), and has been shown to strengthen the immune system as well as slow down the aging process. Olive oil may also play a key role in the stages of fetal development.

Whether drizzled on a salad or cooked with your favorite dish, olive oil is one of the healthiest foods we can consume. Its fragrance and taste combined with monounsaturated fatty acids, balanced polyunsaturated content, vitamins A & E and pro vitamin E, and antioxidants all equal a positive effect on your health.

Here’s to your health!

Our olive oils are 100% natural, and do not contain any preservatives or additives. You can see the benefits on every label:

100% Trans Fat Free and No Cholesterol—Essential for a heart-healthy diet.

Monounsaturated Fat—This “good fat” has been shown to play a role in the reduction of LDL or “bad” cholesterol.

Low Carbohydrates—The right choice for a low carb diet and for diabetes, to keep blood sugar levels under control.

Low Sugar—Not a significant amount of sugar (based on FDA nutritional guidelines) and will not affect blood sugar levels.

No sodium—A smart choice in helping keep blood pressure under control.

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